r.a.s.o.is the general term for an original material developed by D’URBAN and clothing fabric manufacturers of the Japan Worsted&Woollen Weavers Association.The name is derived from the first letter of four Italian words:R for “raso”(smooth);A for “abito”(suit);S for “speciale”(special);and O for “ordire”(weave). In addition,“raso” itself means “silky smooth” in Italian(for example,“tessuto raso” means “silky cloth”).This material allows for greater luster on the surface of clothing by tailoring fabric designs. Allow us to explore four excellent characteristics of this material.


Appears thick without harming the appearance of the materials,allowing for clean presentation of texture and pattern.


Sharp sewing lines utilizing the drape,luster and woven beauty characteristic of clothing fabric. The material is also easy to press,and the pants bear a clean crease line.


Light,stress-free comfort realized with the application of fine yarn.

By wrapping polyurethane threads around our wool,we have created “Function r.a.s.o.,” which offers functionality without sacrificing luster or texture.With our “Mix Color” fabric,we use multiple colors of thread forhues both complex and fresh. We offer both additions to our customers,and invite them to try out their feel and comfort for themselves.