D’URBAN first made its debut in 1970 as a Japanese-incepted national brand. Over the years, it has gained recognition from many businesspeople through its contemporary styling and upscale quality backed by meticulous craftsmanship. Legendary French actor Alain Delon first helped garner attention for the brand when he became the spokesperson of D’URBAN in 1971. In 1996 a “super cool suit” is developed to combat Japan’s high-temperature, high-humidity climate, by collaboration with NIKKE woolen mills. Soft and lightweight without compromising on durability and shape, the collection was named “Modern Asian Apparel; Monsoon”. Not only was the outer shell ventilated but the inner lining as well, leading to the high ratings for the collection’s functionality. For over half a century, D’URBAN continues to challenge itself by promptly catering to this generation’s needs.


1970​ - D’URBAN was founded in Japan​ and was named after a military escort in 1922.

1971​ – D’URBAN’s unique elegance was first exemplified by the legendary French actor Alain Delon as spokesman.

1997​ – A new collection named “Monsoon” had been newly developed. The collection was named according to its lightweight and highly-ventilated features.  It perfectly meets customers’ needs specially during summer time.

2008​ – New strategy has been adopted to reposition the brand.  Inspired by the long-held traditions of prestigious tailoring in Europe, D’URBAN​ focused on the fit for Asia men.

2010 – Celebrated 40 years of D’URBAN, international Japanese movie star Mr. Yutaka Takenouchi was appointed as the spokesperson.

2011 – The collection “Lightest” has been exclusively launched.  It’s the lightest suit in the world.  From the fabric development to production are completely made in Japan.

2012 – The brand focused on the development of business causal collection.  To rejuvenate the brand, D’URBAN appointed famous Asian model, Mr. Motoyasu Norimatsu as spokesperson.

2016​ – D’URBAN is delighted to announce its participation in the J QUALITY campaign, which was initiated by the Japanese government to promote Made in Japan products.

2017​ - Introduced Personal Order service in Greater China.