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Style Knowledge 18

Pants appear to be straight, but they are actually curved slightly. The bottom half moves more than the top half, and is more prone to wrinkles. This can make it difficult to decide where to place a crease. Knowing the right way to iron pants makes the process more efficient and the result that much lovelier.

Style Knowledge 17

Storing a suit properly on a hanger will prevent wrinkles, but wrinkles might appear on the suit through regular wear. This is especially true on pants, which obtain wrinkles and creases through daily use. While you can leave this to a professional press, the daily application of an iron is more than enough to restore your suit. With enough practice, you will gain access to a crisp suit style without spending too much time on the effort.

Style Knowledge 16

Like most products, the details of a suit have many names. The collar of the suit is called a lapel, but this refers to specifically to the lower part of the collar. The upper part is simply called the collar. Diamond-shaped lapels are generally known as notched lapels, with sharper designs referred to as peaked lapels.

Style Knowledge 03

In the early 19th century, Beau Brummell was an authority in the European fashion world. Every day he spent two hours arranging his ensemble, swapping his necktie for a new article if the tying technique did not please him, and was said not to leave the house until he was satisfied.


Initiated by the Japanese government, D’URBAN has been named a part of the “J ∞ QUALITY” campaign which promotes ‘Made in Japan’ products. Products that are granted with the recognition have to be 100% designed and manufactured in Japan, from weaving to finishing. Proudly presented as part of the “J ∞ QUALITY” brand, D’URBAN has received positive feedback on the collection since its first launching in FW16. D’URBAN is determined to offer customers a wider range of “J ∞ QUALITY” products in this season. The factory in Miyazaki, Japan, plays an important role in innovation and construction. Each is hand-tagged by the Japanese government indicating that the “J ∞ QUALITY” range represents Japanese integrity across the collection.


In 1997, D’URBAN launched the exclusive ‘Monsoon” campaign. Loved by many customers over the years, D’URBAN has continued to research and develop new high-quality fabrics. These high-qualities, expertly-constructed fabrics are made for high temperatures and humidity, especially in Southeast Asia. The fabric allows heat to release from the inside and block heat from the outside, letting you feel cool as the summer heats up. The unique material is also silky and light, which makes it a perfect traveling must-have, thus contributing to the travel- inspired collection.

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