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Personal Order Service

Always seeking to understand and care for its customers, D’URBAN introduced a Personal Order Service in 2016 that allows men to choose the fit and fabrics for their own clothing adaptation. Entirely made in Japan, customers are consulted by well-trained D’URBAN staff to tailor-make clothing that is a perfect fit for each individual, all in just four weeks. In the season to come, D’URBAN is ready to provide this service to more men who are expressive in their own form of fashion.

D'URBAN Knowledge 03

The exclusive quality TASMANIAN® from D’URBAN uses material from Italian company Loro Piana, and receives endorsements from many customers due to superior comfort and outstanding luster.

D'URBAN Knowledge 02

Zeal is the name of the original material developed between D’URBAN and the Japan Wool Textile Company, of the Japan Worsted & Woollen Weavers Association.

D'URBAN Knowledge 01

r.a.s.o. is the general term for an original material developed by D’URBAN and clothing fabric manufacturers of the Japan Worsted & Woollen Weavers Association.

Style Knowledge 22

The back hem of a jacket or suit often contains a slit known as a vent, but this did not originally exist on jackets. But a taste for horseback riding began developing among British aristocracy, and vents were added to jackets to make them easier to wear atop a horse. The single slit known as a center vent was first to appear.

Style Knowledge 19

For a businessman, wearing clean shirts every day goes without question. Daily use means that daily care is more likely for these garments. Compared to suits, shirts do not maintain their shape while not in use, so maintaining a clean finish is an unexpectedly profound endeavor.

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