For a businessman, wearing clean shirts every day goes without question. Daily use means that daily care is more likely for these garments. Compared to suits, shirts do not maintain their shape while not in use, so maintaining a clean finish is an unexpectedly profound endeavor.

Shirts should be ironed from the back. Doing so eliminates the need to avoid buttons and pockets, and speeds up the entire task.

Sleeves are to be laid along their seam when ironed. Imagine pulling the garment lightly while massaging the wrinkles out of the seam.

Pleats are shaped by passing them under the tip of the iron. Ideally, the pleat should disappear naturally about 20 centimeters away from the cuffs.

Here the sleeves and pleats are finished and stretched out. You can see clean lines extending naturally from the cuffs towards the shoulders.

This is before the inside has been ironed, and after the sides are already finished. You can observe more give to the shirt compared to the one that has been worn out.

Turn the collar inside-out, and press with relative strength. Focus more on pressing the outside than the inside to maintain the three-dimensional shape of the collar.

Occasionally stretching the garment is effective while pressing. Putting each garment in its own mesh bag while laundering will also make pressing easier.