Pants appear to be straight, but they are actually curved slightly. The bottom half moves more than the top half, and is more prone to wrinkles. This can make it difficult to decide where to place a crease. Knowing the right way to iron pants makes the process more efficient and the result that much lovelier.

First, remember that pants are fundamentally about the in-steam. This is the area below the zipper to the trouser cuff.

Lining up the inner and outer seams can be considered the crux of proper pants ironing. Once they match, simply lay the pants on the ironing table.

Press the pants using a protective cloth. The trick here is not to apply strength, but to lay the iron on gently and work the garment uniformly.

For the knee area, place a protective cloth over it and draw out a fan shape with the vertex of the knee at the center, then gradually push it towards the center of the area.

Having finished the outside and turned the pants inside-out, we discover some unnecessary pressing traces on the lining. These may appear like wrinkles on the outside of the garment.

If this occurs, place the lining alone on the ironing board and press it directly to remove these traces. Check the outside once more, and if everything checks out the task is complete.