Storing a suit properly on a hanger will prevent wrinkles, but wrinkles might appear on the suit through regular wear. This is especially true on pants, which obtain wrinkles and creases through daily use. While you can leave this to a professional press, the daily application of an iron is more than enough to restore your suit. With enough practice, you will gain access to a crisp suit style without spending too much time on the effort.


Many people leave the care of their jackets to cleaning services, but even this no cause for relief. Industrial suit press machines will sometimes ruin the three-dimensionality of suits. If you press the point, it is possible to iron the jacket yourself.

Curved industrial-use ironing boards are difficult to use at home. This is where a rolled-up towel takes an active role. Try inserting one inside of your garment to be ironed.

Do not simply press your iron; instead, place it on wrinkled sections and let weight do the rest. Don't forget to use a handkerchief or a similar cloth to protect the material.

The curved tip of the ironing board is useful for ironing lapels. Ironing it on the flat side will ruin the lines of the lapel, so caution is warranted here.

This lapel has been handled beautifully. Try placing a hand inside the shoulder and shining light over it to ensure no wrinkles remain.

Pocket flaps often become bent or turned upward without you noticing. This is quite noticeable, so make sure not to overlook their care.

Just as with the lapel, make use of the curved tip of the ironing board. If traces of a crease persist, try applying a bit of steam to the troublesome area.

The stubborn creases have completely disappeared. Steam can be utilized in many such ways. When wrinkles persist, rely on steam more than power to handle the issue.

For vents, place them on the flat surface and put a protective cloth on top. The cloth prevents crushing of the nap that would occur with direct pressing.