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Fabric story TASMANIAN

The exclusive quality TASMANIAN® from D’URBAN uses material from Italian company Loro Piana, and receives endorsements from many customers due to superior comfort and outstanding luster. In Italian, TASMANIAN® is synonymous with light wool fabric. It is composed of untainted Merino wool from Tasmania, an island to the south of the Australian continent. For TASMANIAN®, Loro Piana took inspiration from Priest Cloth®, a lightweight fabric produced exclusively for garments worn by the church. Gentle and multipurpose, this material was created in the 1960s to meet the rising need for new clothing for modern, air-conditioned spaces. Allow us to explain the distinct features of this fabric.


An Elegant Luster TASMANIAN® is produced from selected Australian wool. Australia is the ideal habitat for Merino sheep, and their extremely fine raw wool is spun into thread just as delicate. This thread is then densely woven in fabric, and the high thread count allows the light reflected on each strand of thread to produce a unique luster.


Raw wool is procured in Australia and washed in Italy. The quality of Italian is well-suited to cleaning raw wool, and removing impurities and dirt from the high-quality white material transforms the raw wool into an even more beautiful form. The brilliance of the dyes is only improved by the superior quality of the base material, allowing for color unattainable in other products.

In addition to these two aspects, TASMANIAN® is known for other superior characteristics such as lightness, comfort and tailored excellence. TASMANIAN® has an elegant selection to suit any season. It has been 20 years since the first release of the D’URBAN suits in 1999. With the 2018 spring/summer collection, we offer our customers a special collection including original button blazers, checkered suits and more. We invite you to see this for yourself.