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Fabric story Zeal

Zeal is the name of the original material developed between D’URBAN and the Japan Wool Textile Company, of the Japan Worsted & Woollen Weavers Association. It is produced with the goal of creating a Japanese material with the drape and luster characteristic of European materials. Its high quality raw materials are handpicked from extra superfine wools produced in New Zealand. As you can imagine, the name Zeal is born from these origins. Allow us to explain the superior traits of this fabric.

Resilience and Elasticity This material has more crimp than the average Merino wool from Australia, resulting in an abundance of resilience and elasticity.

Superior Color Development The threads spun from extra superfine New Zealand wool are exceedingly white, giving them great affinity with dyes and producing outstanding color development.

For the 2017 autumn/winter collection, Zeal utilizes Strong Zeal as its nap material, a fabric weaving flexible Merino wool with the resilience, tensile strength and give of strong wool to create a material combining tailored excellence with the elegance of Merino wool. In addition, a silk weave has brought forth the ultimate luster of Silk Zeal. We offer both fabrics to customers in our new lineup. Please see them for yourselves at any of our stores.